Test cleanse data model functions

Learn how to use the cleanse configuration tool.

You can use the Cleanse Configuration tool to run quick tests on Cleanse functions that are configured in the Data model without loading any data in the tenant. You perform data cleansing to identify incorrect, irrelevant, and incomplete data and then replace or modify the data appropriately. For more information, see Data Cleansing or watch this video:

Note: The tool only supports Address Cleansers.
Before changing the cleanser, ensure the following attributes are specified in the cleanse configuration:
  • inputMapping- must be defined for the Test button to be enabled.
  • AddressInput- set the field to yes in the default type cleanser for optimum results.
  • AddressLine1- set the field to yes in the other type cleanser for optimum results.

To test cleanse data model functions in the Cleanse Configuration tool:

  1. In the Reltio Console, select Data Modeler.
  2. Under Entity Types select Location.
  3. In the Data Modeler tab bar, select Cleanse. Information about Cleansers, their Type and Attribute is displayed.

  4. For the desired cleanser, click Test. The Test configuration screen is displayed.

  5. Specify the details for the test:
    • Enter the address you want to test in the Test configuration page. Ensure you update all mandatory fields.
    • Click RUN TEST and in the Result pane, see the verification status of the address entered.
    • Click Verification Details to see additional information about the address and its verification status.