Match Rule Editor - Known Limitations

The list of known limitations in the Match Rule Editor are being worked upon.

We plan to continue refining the Match Rule Editor to provide the best possible experience to you while you manage your match rules. Some of the main points that we are working on include:

  • The exact row selection order in Rules builder is not maintained when you switch to the Advanced editor view and return to the Rules builder. Though technically all details are accurate, you may not see the same flow of information in the order that you had initially selected.
  • You cannot select different operators at the set level. This means, in a match rule, all multiple sets must be combined with either of the two operators, And, or, Or. If you have three sets of match rule instructions in your match rule, all the three sets can be connected to each-other only with the same operator. Either Set A, Set B and Set C will be connected with And (or) Set A, Set B and Set C will be connected with Or. You cannot have a combination of operators while connecting multiple sets.
  • As of now, String Cleanser is not supported in the Rules builder. You can add this to the match rule in the Advanced editor.
  • You can modify the Relevance-based match rules only in the Advanced editor.
  • The Advanced editor allows you to add complexities to your match rules and for the very same reason, you may not be able to view the syntax of a complex match rule in the Rules builder sometimes.
  • When the Reltio Name Dictionary Cleanser is used to create a match rule, the value of allValues and mandatory attributes are set to false. To edit the match rule, change the value of allValues and mandatory attributes to true using API.