Best Practices and Recommendations

Consider the suggested best practices and recommendations for working with the Match Rule Editor.

Understanding Rules builder or Advanced editor usage

You now have two ways to work with the match rules, Rules builder and Advanced editor. Go through the following section to understand our recommendation for choosing one over another.

  • You can use the Rules builder to create a basic configuration for a match rule and then, switch to the Advanced editor to use the JSON format to add details/complexities to the match rule, as required.
  • You can edit the Relevance-based match rules only in the Advanced editor when the relevance-based parameters such as weight, actionThresholds and others exist in the JSON file.
  • String Cleanser is not supported in the Rules builder. To add this to your match rule, you will need to work in the Advanced editor.
  • If you are more familiar with the JSON editor, it may be very convenient for you to use the Advanced editor and validate your match rules visually.