Viewing Data Analysis Information about a Job

You can view analysis information, such as the selected filename, number of records, mapped columns, and so on.

The analysis information about a job is available after the job is completed or even when it is pending.
  1. Click Jobs on the left navigation bar.
  2. On the right-side, click COMPLETED or PENDING.
  3. Click on a square box that represents a job.
    The analysis information appears.

  4. Click DETAILS to view details about the job.
    This screen provides information similar to the Review page when you create a job definition. If the job has completed with errors, then you can download the error file from this page as highlighted below:

    The error file is available in the CSV file format and it contains all the input attributes along with the error messages. Currently, each error file can contain 1000 records. If the number of records exceeds 1000, then a new error file is created. A sample of an error file is as follows: