Download Error Files

On a Data loader interface, when a specific job is completed with errors, you can find out the information about any job error directly on the Data Loader page. You can download the error files on the Job Details page. You can view the jobs and access the basic information about the issues.

You do not have to download and extract the entire error file to a local machine. Even if the jobs have multiple error files, you do not need to download them individually. You can see a banner message on the top of a Job detail page and a snippet of the error details will appear as a tooltip on the Job Status dashboard. You can retrieve the error files easily by clicking on a link to a single, consolidated archive file.

  1. Select the Completed tab.
  2. Select the Job Status.

    Examples of some of the Job Statuses are “Completed”, “Completed with Errors”, “Cancelled”, “Stopped”, and so on.

    On the Job Status page, the tooltip on the status card shows the status or the Description of the error.

  3. Click any of the existing Jobs.
    On the Details tab of the popup window, you can see the Download Error File link.
    Note: By default, the Details tab is selected.

    The Download Error File link appears only when the job is completed with errors and the error file is generated.

  4. Click the Download Error File link.

    All the error files are downloaded as a single archive (.Zip) format.

    The error file is available in the CSV file format. The file contains all the input attributes along with the error messages. Currently, each error file contains 1000 records. If the number of records exceeds 1000, a new error file gets created.

    A sample of an error file is as follows:

  5. Select the Analysis tab. The list of attributes will be displayed to analyze the data we have uploaded.

    You can see all the Attributes with the corresponding details for uniqueness and completeness. Detailed analysis on the data that has been loaded into the platform through a given job will be available.