Sorting and Filtering Jobs

You can sort and filter jobs by using multiple options to view details about specific jobs.

To view specific jobs that are under the PENDING or COMPLETED tab, you can sort and filter jobs as required.

  1. Click Job status on the left navigation bar.
  2. Click on the PENDING tab to view all the pending jobs.
  3. Click on the icon as shown in the following image:

    You can sort jobs in the ascending and descending order by Job Name, Job Status, and Date created. You can filter jobs by Job type, Data type and Job Status. Under Job type, you can filter on regular dataload jobs or jobs for which the enable DCR creation parameter is enabled. The Data type can be a job to load entities or relationships. You can also filter on the different statuses that a job goes through by using the Job Status option.

    Similarly, you can sort and filter jobs under the COMPLETED tab. However, the filter options for Job Status are different compared to jobs that are under the PENDING tab.