Data Loader

Data Loader is an application added to Console that allows users to load data from various locations (GCS, AWS S3, SFTP or the local machine).

Data Loader is an intuitive application that enables users to visualize data, define mappings, do basic transformation, and analyze data before loading into the tenant. Data loader uses a file as the input file to load data into the tenant. Currently, for the input file, the following file types are supported:

  • CSV
  • Excel (.xlsx)
  • JSON
Note: Formulas and formatting are not supported, and therefore the Excel files must be in plain format.

Data Loader API and Limitations

The following file size limitations exist:

  • The file size limit allocated for a .csv file is 33 GB. Make sure the file size does not exceed 50 MB, when you upload a file from the local file system.
  • The file size limit allocated for a JSON file is 50 MB, irrespective of whether you upload the file from the local file system or remote storage.
Important: While loading the data through a .csv file, when the CSV file is delimited by || and a column value in .csv has | (single pipe), you must wrap the values which have | with double quotation marks.

For example, consider that columns - col1, col2, col3, and col4 are delimited/separated by double pipes. The value corresponding to col3 has two values separated by a single pipe. So, the value for column 3 must be wrapped within double quotes as shown below.

col1 || col2||col3||col4


Data Loader API

Use the following link to access Data Loader API documentation: Reltio Swagger