Wrap CSV values

Learn about how some CSV values must be wrapped to ensure their accuracy during data transformation.

Why wrap it?

When you load the data through a .csv file, you sometimes have to wrap some values for accurate data transformation. When you wrap text values together within quotes, the software perceives the wrapped value as a single value. Say when the CSV file uses the delimiter || (two pipes) and a column value in .csv has | (a single pipe), you must wrap the values that have the single | within double quotation marks.

For the full list of Reltio supported delimiters, see topic Load Entities into a Tenant.

For the original CSV specification, see RFC 4180 - Common Format and MIME Type for Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Files.


Consider that columns - col1, col2, col3, and col4 are delimited or separated by double pipes. The value corresponding to col3 has two values separated by a single pipe. So, the value for column 3 must be wrapped within double quotes as shown in the following:
col1 || col2||col3||col4Val1||val2||”val3|val4”||val5