Configure insurance entity validation functions

Learn how to configure data quality rules that evaluate your data in real time.

In Reltio for Insurance, the Data Modeler is contextualized with insurance-specific entity types that support end-to-end customer, policy, and claims data. The Validation Functions in the Reltio Console helps in managing validation functions for the tenant and also provides an intuitive function builder to transform business requirements into data validation functions.

To validate, edit or delete a validation function:

  1. Open the Data Modeler application:
    1. From the Applications menu, select Console.
    2. In the Console Configuration section, select Data Modeler.
    3. From the Select tenant dropdown menu at the top of the page, select the desired Reltio for Insurance tenant.
  2. Select the Entity Types page.
  3. From the Entity Type menu bar at the top of the page, navigate to Validation Functions page.

    For more information on organization validation functions, see Organization validation functions and Individual validation functions.

    Note: The validation functions editor will only work for entity types that have the data validation function enabled. For more information about enabling validation functions, see Enable Data Validation Function.
  4. In the Validation functions page:
    • You can change the status of any validation function in the Active column.
    • You can choose to sort by Attribute, Display name, Last modified by, Last modified date or Active.
  5. Select the Edit icon in the Details panel to modify the details of an existing validation function.
  6. Select the Validate Attributes link once the modifications are made to the validation function.
    Note: Clicking the Validate Attributes link opens up the Tenant Management application in a new tab so that you can create a new job. For more information on revalidating a job, see Create a revalidate job.
  7. Select Create New button in the Validation Functions page to create a new validation function. For more information on creating validation functions, see topic Managing Validation Functions.