Configure insurance entity match rules

Learn how to configure match rules in the Reltio for Insurance data model.

In Reltio for Insurance, the Data Modeler is contextualized with insurance-specific entity types that support end-to-end customer, policy, and claims data. You can analyze and create the match rules for Reltio for Insurance.

To analyze and create match rules:

  1. Open the Data Modeler application:
    1. From the Applications menu, select Console.
    2. In the Console Configuration section, select Data Modeler.
    3. From the Select tenant dropdown menu at the top of the page, select the desired Reltio for Insurance tenant.
  2. In the Entity Types page, view attributes, roles, and rules summary details for a given entity type:
    • Claim
    • Contract
    • Individual
    • Insured Asset
    • Organization
    • Party Group
  3. To view or edit an entity type, hover your mouse pointer over an entity, and from the displayed Action menu select:
    • View info: Opens a details panel with Information and Validation tabs.
    • Select Cancel on the top-left of the panel to close it. For more information on this panel, see topic Managing Entity Types. Use the Entity types option in the left pane to manage entity types and their attributes.
    • Edit: Opens the Edit entity type panel, where you can update details. For more information on this panel, see topic Editing an entity type. You can create a new entity type using the Data Modeler application.
  4. Select an entity and in the displayed details page, view, or change its details. The Attributes page, which is the first details page displayed, gives these entity details:
    • Label
    • Name
    • Type
    • Required
    • Hidden
    • Searchable

  5. From the Entity Type menu bar at the top of the page, navigate to the other Match Rules page to analyze, create, and edit other details.

    For more information on organization match rules and individual match rules, see Organization Match Rules, Individual Match Rules.

  6. Select Analyze to analyze the match rules for a single entity. For information on analyzing match rules, see topic Analyze Match Rules.

  7. Select + Create New to add a new match rule. For more information on creating a new match rule, see topic Creating a new match rule.
  8. Hover your mouse cursor over the desired match rule. In the displayed Action menu, select Edit to edit the match rule. For more information on editing a match rule, see topic Edit Match Rules.