Life Sciences Product 360

The Life Sciences Product 360 is a preconfigured life sciences product application built on the Reltio Big Data platform.

This helps to organize medicinal product data at a global and market level. The product data includes ingredients, packaging, labeling, pricing, strength, and several other characteristics that enable the sales, marketing, and compliance aspects of medicinal products within an enterprise.

You can track the manufacturers, regulatory bodies, suppliers, and distributors during the product life cycle and its evolution. You can derive business critical insights to achieve higher market growth using relationships such as competing products, peer products, and products organized under different brands.

The Product 360 solution provides a single version of truth through preconfigured and customizable match and survivorship rules. The solution helps in centralizing and mastering product data and managing product relationships effectively resulting in better outcomes.

The solution helps in product data harmonization using Reference Data Management, a Reltio Platform technology. Reference data sets allow organizations to harmonize the product data not only within an enterprise, but also in meeting the ever changing and evolving compliance requirements in submitting data using standard terminology.

The solution lends itself into supporting the evolving compliance requirements of the Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) using the principles of SPOR (Substance, Product, Organizations, and Reference Data Management).

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