Reltio Omnichannel Interactions Attributes Source Mapping

Each Reltio Omnichannel Interactions attribute is mapped with the interaction type attributes available in the source file.

The following table describes the source mapping:

Table 1. Reltio Omnichannel Interactions Attributes Source Mapping
Interaction Type Interaction Attributes from Source File Reltio Omnichannel Interactions Attributes
Email Email ChannelType
Email Date Date
Email Campaign Name CampaignName
Email Brand Brand
Email Email ID ChannelValue
Email Objective message ObjectiveMessage
In Person In Person ChannelType
In Person Date Date
In Person Product/Brand Brand
In Person Address/Place ChannelValue
In Person Meeting expenses Expenses
In Person Meeting/Objective message ObjectiveMessage
In Person Follow Up Activities FollowUpActivities
In Person Meeting Notes Notes
Phone Phone ChannelType
Phone Date Date
Phone Campaign Name CampaignName
Phone Brand Brand
Phone Phone Number ChannelValue
Phone Objective Message ObjectiveMessage
Phone Follow Up Activities FollowUpActivities
Phone Meeting Notes Notes
Direct Mail/Snail Mail Direct Mail/Snail Mail ChannelType
Direct Mail/Snail Mail Date Date
Direct Mail/Snail Mail Campaign Name CampaignName
Direct Mail/Snail Mail Brand Brand
Direct Mail/Snail Mail Address ChannelValue
Direct Mail/Snail Mail Objective Message ObjectiveMessage
SMS SMS ChannelType
SMS Date Date
SMS Campaign Name CampaignName
SMS Brand Brand
SMS Phone Number ChannelValue
SMS Objective Message ObjectiveMessage