Reltio Omnichannel Interactions Attributes

Reltio Omnichannel Interactions attributes captures and persists interactions data from all channels.

These attributes are used by the organization or a customer for various purposes.

Table 1. Reltio Omnichannel Interactions Attributes
Attribute Name Attribute Type Data Type Description
ChannelType Simple String Type of channel used for interaction.

It can be Phone, Email, In Person, Direct Mail/Snail Mail, and SMS.

ChannelValue Simple String Details/value of the channel type used for interaction.
For example:
  • If channel type is email, the channel value is email address.
  • If channel type is phone, the channel value is phone number.
  • If channel type is direct mail, the channel value is the address where the post has to be sent.
Date Simple Timestamp Date on which interaction is made.

For example: 02/02/2018

CampaignName Simple String The different categories under which the interaction falls.

For example: Product launch, Monthly visit etc.

Brand Simple String The product brand for which the interaction is made.

For example: Some of the healthcare brands are Johnson & Johnson, Abbot, Medtronic etc.

ObjectiveMessage Simple String The purpose behind the interaction made.

For example: To educate the target group on new features of a product.

FollowUpActivities Simple Number Further actions/plans after making an interaction.

For example: Sending email, delivering physical brochures or leaflets etc.

Expenses Simple Number Expenses made in carrying out the interaction.

For example: In person interaction expenses can be $ 100.

Notes Simple String Any additional information specific to the interaction made.

For example: Details of the In Person visit.