The data model designed for the Substance entity type is used to create, update, and manage data about ingredients that are used to formulate a medicinal product.

This entity data dictionary is designed to capture attributes such as IDs, Names, Type, and Status of a Substance.

Table 1. Substance
Property Value
Property Value
URI configuration/entityTypes/Substance
Label Substance
Data Label Pattern {Name}
extendsTypeURI configuration/entityTypes/Entity

Name Attribute Type Sub-Attribute Name Data Type Description
Name Simple   String Actual name/description of a Substance
Description Simple   String Description of the substance
Identifiers Nested Type String Type of ID associated with a substance.
Identifiers Nested ID String Id to uniquely identify a substance.
Identifiers Nested Status String Identifier Status
Identifiers Nested DeactivationReasonCode String Reason for Deactivating the Identifier.
Identifiers Nested DeactivationDate Date Deactivation Date
Identifiers Nested ReactivationDate Date Reactivation Date
AlternateName Nested Name String Alternate name of the substance
AlternateName Nested Type String Type of the Alternate Name
AlternateName Nested Language String Language of the Alternate Name
AlternateDescription Nested Name String Alternate name for the entity
AlternateDescription Nested Type String Name Type: Brand Name, Established Name, Primary Name or Other Name.
AlternateDescription Nested Language String Language of the Name. ISO 639-2 Alpha-3 Codes
Commenters Simple   String Commenters