Medicinal Product

The data model designed for the Medicinal Product entity type is used to create, update, and manage data about medicinal products.

Medicinal Product is the primary entity type used to manage data about medicinal products. This entity data dictionary is designed to capture several attributes such as IDs, Names, Pricing, Packaging, Labeling, Strength, Route of Administration, Indications, Marketing, Sales, Market Authorization Data, and other important data attributes to enable data management at an individual package level.

Sample Products are used to promote the primary and branded products of an organization. Sample products are handed to customers at a point-of-sale or a service location. For the life sciences industry, sample products are modeled as a type of medicinal product.

Table 1. Medicinal Product
Property Value
URI configuration/entityTypes/MedicinalProduct
Label MedicinalProduct
Description The Medicinal Product is the primary object used to store the data of a medicinal product. This object allows the user to store data of the medicinal product for various markets and allows attributes at a package level of the product.
Abstract false
Data Label Pattern [[{Market}]] {Name} {ProductStrength}
extendsTypeURI configuration/entityTypes/Product
Attribute Name Attribute Type Sub-Attribute Name Data Type Description
Name Simple   String Actual name/description of a finished product which can be used enterprise wide.
Market Simple   String Market for which this product is authorized.
BrandName Simple   String The brand name is developed by the company requesting approval for the drug and identifies it as the exclusive property of the company. It is the proprietary or trademark or trade name.
GenericName Simple   String Generics only become available after the patent expires on a brand name drug. An agency like the United States Adopted Names (USAN) Council may issue a generic name. Acetaminophen is an example of a generic drug name.
Type Simple   String Used to identify various product types like Branded, Generic, Detail, BRC. Also, can be used to store other types like Sample, Competitor and so on.
ProductStrength Nested NumeratorValue Number Numerical Value of product strength expressed as a numerator value.
ProductStrength Nested NumeratorUnit String Unit of Measure associated with the numerical value of the product strength.
ProductStrength Nested DenominatorValue Number Numerical Value per Unit expressed as a denominator value
ProductStrength Nested DenominatorUnit String

Denominator Unit of Measure OR the Unit of Presentation. Unit of Presentation is the qualitative term describing the unit in which the strength(s) of the manufactured

product is presented and described.

DoseForm Simple   String Used to store the form of a medicinal product. For example, Tablets, Capsules, Injectables and so on.
Dose Simple   String Specified quantity of a medicine, to be taken at one time or at stated intervals.
PackageType Simple   String Identifier of various packages in which a product comes. For example, Bottle, Strip, Syringe, Vial, Tube and so on.
PackageCount Simple   Int Units of the quantity of medicine expressed as a numerical value.
PackageLength Nested UnitOfMeasure String Unit of Measure associated with the outer packaging length.
PackageLength Nested Value Number Length of outer packaging
PackageWidth Nested UnitOfMeasure String Unit of Measure associated with the outer packaging width.
PackageWidth Nested Value Number Width of Outer Packaging
PackageHeight Nested UnitOfMeasure String Unit of Measure associated with the outer packaging height.
PackageHeight Nested Value Number Height of outer packaging
RouteOfAdministration Simple   String Path by which the pharmaceutical product is taken into or makes contact with the body.
Manufacturer Simple   Reference Manufacturer of the product
RegulatoryAgency Simple   Reference Regulatory agency of the product
MarketingHolder Simple   Reference Current marketing holder of the product.
Manufacturing Nested Manufacturing String Manufacturing Details
Manufacturing Nested ManufacturingDate Date Date of manufacturing
Manufacturing Nested ManufacturerID String  
Indication Nested Type String Indication Type: backache, headache, minor aches, pain, muscle aches.
Indication Nested Language String Language of the Indication name
Indication Nested RegulatoryApprovalDate Date Date on which Market Authorization was approved.
Indication Nested RegulatoryRevocationDate Date Date on which Market Authorization was revoked.
Indication Nested MarketAuthorizationNumber String Code or identifier assigned by a medicines regulatory authority to a medicinal product.
Indication Nested MarketingAuthorizationDate Date Date when the marketing authorization was granted by a medicines regulatory authority in a jurisdiction.
Indication Nested MarketingAuthorizationExpiryDate Date Date of expiry of the marketing authorization as granted by a medicines regulatory authority in a jurisdiction.
MarketingExpiryDate Simple   Date Date when the marketing of the authorized medicinal product is no longer marketed in a jurisdiction.
DateOfMarketing Simple   Date Date beginning when the authorized medicinal product is marketed in a jurisdiction.
StatusOfMarketing Simple   String Status of marketing. For example, Active, Suspended, Expired, Revoked.
LegalStatusOfSupply Simple   String Legal status of supply. For example, Prescription or Non Prescription drug.
BatchNumber Simple   Number Batch Number of the Product Pack
ExpiryDate Simple   Date Expiration Date of the Product
MarketingStartDate Simple   Date Marketing Start Date
MarketingEndDate Simple   Date Marketing End Date
LifecycleStatus Simple   String Lifecycle Status of the Product. For example, Design, Develop, Authorize, and Orderable.
IsInternalProduct Simple   Boolean Is this Product an Internal Product
IsGenericProduct Simple   Boolean Is this a Generic Product
IsPrescriptionProduct Simple   Boolean Is Prescription Required for this Product
IsPipelineProduct Simple   Boolean Is this product a futuristic Pipeline Product
Language Simple   String Language in which Name is being recorded
AlternateName Nested Type String Type of Name. For example, "Enterprise" and "Generic".
AlternateName Nested Name String Enterprise / Global: Alternate names for the product. Note that there is a separate attribute for Generic name.
AlternateName Nested Language String Language of the Name
Identifiers Nested Type String Identifier Type. For example, GTIN, Mfg. Part Number
Identifiers Nested Status String Identifier Status. For example, Current Expired.
Identifiers Nested DeactivationReasonCode String Reason for Deactivating the Identifier
Identifiers Nested ID String Id to uniquely identify a product master record. Customer is at the liberty to give a value to this ID. For example, GTIN Number, Part Number.
Identifiers Nested DeactivationDate Date Deactivation Date of the Identifier
Identifiers Nested ReactivationDate Date Reactivation Date of the Identifier
Description Simple   String Product Description
Ingredients Simple   Reference Substances that are used to formulate the medicinal product.
GTIN Simple   String GS1 unique identifier of items that are traded (For example, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices) in the supply chain.
PackageWeight Nested UnitOfMeasure String Unit of Measure of the outer packaging weight.
PackageWeight Nested Value Number Weight of outer packaging
ProductStatus Simple   String Product Status
Pricing Nested Type String Type of Price. For example, Mfg. Suggested Retail Price, Average Price, Sale Price.
Pricing Nested Price Number Numerical value of the price
Pricing Nested Currency String Currency code associated with the price. For example, USD.
AlternateDescription Nested Name String Alternate name of the product
AlternateDescription Nested Type String Name Type: Brand Name, Established Name, Primary Name or Other Name.
AlternateDescription Nested Language String Language of the Name
Commenters Simple   String Commenters