The HasAddress relationship is used to link an address to an organization.

Table 1. HasAddress
Property Value
URI configuration/relationTypes/HasAddress
Label HasAddress
Description This relationship is used to link an address to an organization.
Data Label Pattern  
Start Object configuration/entityTypes/Party
End Object configuration/entityTypes/Location

Name Attribute Type Sub-Attribute Name Data Type Description
AddressType Simple   String  
Primary Simple   Boolean  
AddressRank Simple   Int  
CareOf Simple   String  
Active Simple   Boolean  
Phone Nested Type String  
Phone Nested Number String  
Phone Nested Extension String  
Phone Nested Rank Int  
Phone Nested Active Boolean  
SourceCD Simple   String  
NCOAMoveEffectiveDate Simple   Date  
NCOANIXIEA Simple   String  
NCOANIXIEB Simple   String  
NCOANIXIEC Simple   String  
NCOAPrimaryAddress Simple   String  
NCOASecondaryAddress Simple   String  
NCOAPriNumChangeIndicator Simple   String  
NCOAPreDirChangeIndicator Simple   String  
NCOAPriNameChangeIndicator Simple   String  
NCOASuffixChangeIndicator Simple   String  
NCOAPostDirChangeIndicator Simple   String  
NCOASecUnitDesChangeIndicator Simple   String  
NCOASecNumChangeIndicator Simple   String  
NCOACityNameChangeIndicator Simple   String  
NCOAStateAbrevChangeIndicator Simple   String  
NCOAZIPCodeChangeIndicator Simple   String  
NCOAZIP4ChangeIndicator Simple   String