The LS Product 360 UI dashboard provides at-a-glance view of a product data.

The dashboard helps you to analyze key data more quickly and thoroughly. It provides a graphical summary of information. You get a consolidated view of all data on a single window. The dashboard enables you to make decisions based on the real-time usage of data and measure the impact of activities.

Dashboard Charts

Dashboard charts are responsive charts that show data while you mouse over on the various portions on the chart.

You can view various charts on the Dashboard. You can click any portion of the chart and it will take you to the window where you can view detailed information.

The above chart shows a bubble chart of products by Brand Name. The largest bubble represents the most number of products classified under a specific Brand Name.

The above chart shows bubble chart of products classified and displayed by package type.

The above chart shows a bar chart representation of products by product type.

The above chart shows a bubble chart of Medicinal Products classified by product type code.