LS Customer 360 Match Rules

LS Customer match rules enbles to identify duplicate profiles and the consolidation of single golden copy.

Match rules help in identifying duplicate profiles and help consolidate for one golden copy or operational value of attributes for each entity. The application has the following rules defined out of the box.

All the match rules except for location are defined as suspect match rule, which can be adapted to automatic rule, based on the data profiling or business use case.

HCP Match Rules

  • Exact (Addressline1, City, State, NPI id, United States, ME id), Fuzzy name (First, Last) Exact or null (Middle Name, Suffix)
  • Exact (Address line1, Zip5, Country, SLN, SLState), Fuzzy name (First, Last), Exact or null (Suffix Name, Zip4)
  • Exact (First name, Last Name, Zip5, Country, Country Code), Fuzzy (Address line 1), Exact or null (Suffix Name, Middle Name)
  • Exact (Address) Fuzzy (First Name, Last Name) Exact or null (DEA, Suffix)
  • Exact (Address, Country Code) Fuzzy (First Name, Last Name) Exact or null (Middle initial, Suffix)
  • Exact (City, State, Zip5, Country Code) Fuzzy (First Name, Last Name, Address Line1) Exact or null (Middle initial, Suffix)

HCO Match Rule

  • Exact (City, State, CountryCode) Fuzzy (Name, Addressline1)

Location Match Rules

  • Exact address line 1, city, state province, country, zip5 and verification status as 'Verified'.
Note: The location configuration is set up to deduplicate and is also consistent with the Salesforce connector requirement. Do not change this configuration. If there is a business requirement, contact Apps PM team to review before you make any changes.

The match rules are extensible, see the related sections in the help portal for extending the basic match rule, or to add new ones.