This page gives details about Location data model for LS Customer 360.

Table 1. Location
Property Value
URI configuration/entityTypes/Location
Label Location
Description Location
Data Label Pattern AddressLine1 City StateProvince Zip.Zip5

Name Attribute Type Sub-Attribute Name Data Type Description
AddressInput Simple   Blob Address Input to auto populate full address
AddressLine1 Simple   String First line of Address
AddressLine2 Simple   String Second line of Address
City Simple   String City
StateProvince Simple   String State or Province
Country Simple   String Country
Zip Nested PostalCode String Zip code
Zip Nested Zip5 String Zip5 code
Zip Nested Zip4 String Zip4 code
ISO3166-2 Simple   String This field holds the ISO 3166 2-character country code.
ISO3166-3 Simple   String This field holds the ISO 3166 3-character country code.
ISO3166-N Simple   String This field holds the ISO 3166 N-digit numeric country code.
SuperAdministrativeArea Simple   String This field holds the largest geographic data element within a country.
AdministrativeArea Simple   String This field holds the most common geographic data element within a country. For instance, USA State, and Canadian Province.
SubAdministrativeArea Simple   String This field holds the smallest geographic data element within a country. For instance, USA County.
Street Simple   String Street name
Unit Nested UnitName String Unit Name
Unit Nested UnitValue String Unit Value
Floor Simple   String N/A
Building Simple   String N/A
POBox Simple   String Post Office Box
Neighborhood Simple   String Neighborhood
Locality Simple   String This field holds the most common population center data element within a country. For instance, USA City, Canadian Municipality.
GeoLocation Nested Latitude String Latitude as per GeoLocation
GeoLocation Nested Longitude String Longitude as per GeoLocation
GeoLocation Nested GeoAccuracy String GeoAccuracy as per GeoLocation
CBSACode Simple   String Core Based Statistical Area
FIPSCountyCode Simple   String FIPS county Code
FIPSStateCode Simple   String FIPS State Code
Multiunit Simple   String MULTIUNIT. Y = Building has multiple units; N = Building does not have multiple units or has a mailroom; U = USPS does not have information for this location; H = AMS has flagged this location to contain a hospital.
OrgUnit Simple   String ORG_UNIT
Dept Simple   String N/A
CASSFlag Simple   Boolean CASS flag
CongressCode Simple   String Congress Code
CMRAFlag Simple   Boolean CMRA Flag
DPCFlag Simple   String DPC flag
StreetPOFlag Simple   String Flag for PO vs. street address
InvalidUnit Simple   Boolean Invalid Unit Flag
BuildingFirmName Simple   String Name of the building or firm as maintained by the US Postal Service
DPV Simple   String USPS delivery point validation. R = Range Check; C = Clerk; F = Formally Valid; V = DPV Valid
RDI Simple   String USPS residential delivery flag. Y = Residential; N = Business; U = Unknown; = Non of the above
VerificationStatus Simple   String Verification Status of address
VerificationStatusDetails Simple   Blob Verification Status in Details
AVC Simple   String AVC code returned for Verification by Address Cleansing
SubBuilding Simple   String Sub Building
DoubleDependentLocality Simple   String Double Dependent Locality
DependentThoroughfare Simple   String Dependent Thorough fare
Organization Simple   String Organization
Premise Simple   String Premise
PremiseNumber Simple   String Premise Number
DeliveryAddress Simple   String Delivery Address
DeliveryAddress1 Simple   String Delivery Address 1
Unmatched Simple   String Unmatched
AutoZoneIndicator Simple   String Auto Zone Indicator
CarrierRoute Simple   String Carrier Route
CMRAIndicator Simple   String CMRA Indicator
CongressionalDistrict Simple   String Congressional District
DefaultFlag Simple   String Default Flag
DeliveryPointBarCode Simple   String Delivery Point Bar Code
DPVConfirmedIndicator Simple   String DPV Confirmed Indicator
DPVFootnotes Simple   String DPV Footnotes
eLOTCode Simple   String eLOT Code
eLOTNumber Simple   String eLOT Number
EWSFlag Simple   String EWS Flag
FalsePositiveIndicator Simple   String False Positive Indicator
Footnotes Simple   String Footnotes
LACSLinkCode Simple   String LACS Link Code
LACSLinkIndicator Simple   String LACS Link Indicator
LACSStatus Simple   String LACS Status
NoStatIndicator Simple   String No Stat Indicator
PMBNumber Simple   String PMB Number
PMBType Simple   String PMB Type
PrimaryAddressLine Simple   String Primary Address Line
RecordType Simple   String RecordT ype
ReturnCode Simple   String Return Code
ResidentialDelivery Simple   String Residential Delivery
SecondaryAddressLine Simple   String Secondary Address Line
SUITELinkFootnote Simple   String SUITE Link Footnote
VacantIndicator Simple   String Vacant Indicator