Consumer 360 Data Model

This page gives details about the Consumer 360 Data Model.

The data model for a Consumer 360 individual asset.

Individual Parameter Example
URI configuration/entityTypes/Individual
Label Individual

This entityType holds the definition of the consumer individual.

Abstract false
Data Label Pattern {LastName} {FirstName}
Name Attribute Type Sub-Attribute Name Data Type Description
Name Simple   String Name
Prefix Simple   String Prefix added before the name, for example, Mr., Ms., Dr. and so on.
FirstName Simple   String First Name
MiddleName Simple   String Middle Name
LastName Simple   String Last Name
SuffixName Simple   String Generation Suffix
PreferredName Simple   String Preferred Name
Title Simple   String Title of Individual
Nickname Simple   String Nickname
AlternateName Nested Type String Type
AlternateName Nested Description String Description of Consumer
AlternateName Nested FirstName String First Name
AlternateName Nested LastName String Last Name
AlternateName Nested MiddleName String Middle Name
AlternateName Nested Prefix String Prefix for alternateName
AlternateName Nested Suffix String Suffix for alternateName
Gender Simple   String Gender
roleType Simple   String Consumer Role, that is customer, prospect and so on.
Ethnicity Simple   String Consumer Ethnicity Details
SocialMedia Nested ChannelName String Social Media Channel Name
SocialMedia Nested Identifier String Social Media handler Name
SocialMedia Nested JoinDate Date Join Date
SocialMedia Nested ActiveStatus String Status, that is, Active or Inactive
Phone Nested Type String Phone Number Type, for example, home.
Phone Nested Number String Phone Number of Consumer
Phone Nested CountryCode String Country Code
Phone Nested Extension String Extension
Phone Nested FormattedNumber String Formatted Phone Number (to be filled by Cleanser)
Phone Nested Rank Int

Phone Number Rank (to be filled by Cleanser)

Phone Nested AreaCode String Area Code
Phone Nested LocalNumber String Number without Area Code
Phone Nested ValidationStatus String Validation Status denoting whether the number is valid or not.
Phone Nested LineType String Line Type, for example, landline or mobile.
Phone Nested FormatMask String Format in which the number is saved, for example, (nnn) nnn-nnnn
Phone Nested DigitCount Int Number of Digits
Phone Nested GeoArea String Geological area name
Phone Nested GeoCountry String Geological country name
Phone Nested Suppress String Suppress
Phone Nested Exception String Exception
Addresses Nested AddressType String Address type, for example, office or residence.
Addresses Nested AddressInputNested Blob Address Input to auto populate full address
Addresses Nested AddressLine1   First line of Address
Addresses Nested AddressLine2 String Second line of Address
Addresses Nested City String City
Addresses Nested StateProvince String State of Province
Addresses Nested Country String Country
Addresses Nested PostalCode String Zip Code
Addresses Nested Zip5 String Zip5 Code
Addresses Nested Zip4 String Zip4 Code
Addresses Nested VerificationStatus String Verification Status of address
Addresses Nested VerificationStatusDetails Blob Verification Status with details.
Addresses Nested AVC String AVC code returned for Verification by Address Cleansing
Addresses Nested CountryName String DO NOT USE this field. Use Country instead
Addresses Nested ISO3166-2 String This field holds the ISO 3166 2-character country code.
Addresses Nested ISO3166-3 String This field holds the ISO 3166 3-character country code.
Addresses Nested ISO3166-N String This field holds the ISO 3166 N-digit numeric country code.
Addresses Nested SuperAdministrativeArea String This field holds the largest geographic data element within a country.
Addresses Nested Street String Street Name
Addresses Nested AdministrativeArea String This field holds the most common geographic data element within a country. For example, USA State, Canadian Province and so on.
Addresses Nested SubAdministrativeArea String This field holds the smallest geographic data element within a country. For example, USA County.
Addresses Nested UnitName String Unit Name
Addresses Nested UnitValue String Unit Value
Addresses Nested Floor String N/A
Addresses Nested Building String N/A
Addresses Nested SubBuilding String Sub Building
Addresses Nested POBox String Post Office Box
Addresses Nested Neighborhood String Neighborhood
Addresses Nested DoubleDependentLocality String  
Addresses Nested DependentThoroughfare String  
Addresses Nested Locality String This field holds the most common population center data element within a country. For example, USA City, Canadian Municipality.
Addresses Nested Latitude String Latitude as per GeoLocation
Addresses Nested Longitude String Longitude as per GeoLocation
Addresses Nested GeoAccuracy String GeoAccuracy as per GeoLocation
Addresses Nested Organization String Organization
Addresses Nested Premise String Premise
Addresses Nested PremiseNumber String Premise Number
Addresses Nested DeliveryAddress String Delivery Address
Addresses Nested DeliveryAddress1 String Delivery Address 1
Addresses Nested Unmatched String Unmatched
Addresses Nested AutoZoneIndicator String Auto Zone Indicator
Addresses Nested CarrierRoute String Carrier Route
Addresses Nested CMRAIndicator String CMRA indicator
Addresses Nested CongressionalDistrict String Congressional District
Addresses Nested DefaultFlag String Default Flag
Addresses Nested DeliveryPointBarCode String Delivery Point BarCode
Addresses Nested DPVConfirmedIndicator String DPV Confirmed Indicator
Addresses Nested DPVFootnotes String DPV footnotes
Addresses Nested eLOTCode String eLOT code
Addresses Nested eLOTNumber String eLOT Number
Addresses Nested EWSFlag String EWS Flag
Addresses Nested FalsePositiveIndicator String False Positive Indicator
Addresses Nested FIPSCountyCode String FIPS Country Code
Addresses Nested Footnotes String Footnotes
Addresses Nested LACSLinkCode String LACS Link Code
Addresses Nested LACSLinkIndicator String LACS Link Indicator
Addresses Nested LACSStatus String LACS Status
Addresses Nested NoStatIndicator String No Stat Indicator
Addresses Nested PMBNumber String PMP Number
Addresses Nested PMBType String PMP Type
Addresses Nested PrimaryAddressLine String Primary Address Line
Addresses Nested RecordType String Record Type
Addresses Nested ReturnCode String Return Code
Addresses Nested ResidentialDelivery String Residential Delivery
Addresses Nested SecondaryAddressLine String Secondary Address Line
Addresses Nested SUITELinkFootnote String SUITE Link Footnote
Addresses Nested VacantIndicator String Vacant Indicator
Email Nested Type String Email Type
Email Nested Email String Email Address
Email Nested Domain String Email Domain
Email Nested DomainType String Domain Type, for example, PUBLIC.
Email Nested Username String Username part of Email address.
Email Nested Rank Int Rank used to assign priority to an email.
Email Nested ValidationStatus String Validation Status denotes whether the email is valid or not.
Email Nested Active Boolean Status of Email
Email Nested SourceCD String DO NOT USE THIS ATTRIBUTE. Will be deprecated
Multi-channel Communication Consent Nested Channel Type String Channel type for the consent. For example, email, SMS, and so on.
Multi-channel Communication Consent Nested Channel Value String Value of the channel for consent. For example, if the channel type is email, channel value is the email ID of the individual such as:
Multi-channel Communication Consent Nested Channel Consent RDM The consent for the corresponding channel and the ID - yes or no.
Multi-channel Communication Consent Nested Start Date Date Start date of the consent.
Multi-channel Communication Consent Nested Expiration Date Date Expiration date of the consent.
Multi-channel Communication Consent Nested Communication Type String Communication purpose that the individual prefers. For example, new product launches, discounted sales, brand-level news.
Multi-channel Communication Consent Nested Communication Frequency String Communication Frequency shows how often an individual can be contacted. For example, weekly, monthly or annually.
Multi-channel Communication Consent Nested Channel Preference Flag Boolean When selected, it shows the preferred channel of communication.
Status Simple   String Status of the Consumer
StatusReasonCode Simple   String If status is Inactive Reason Code needs to be selected. That is, inactive.
StatusUpdateDate Simple   Date Date when the Status was updated.
Education Nested SchoolName String School Name
Education Nested Type String Type of Education
Education Nested Degree String Degree of Education
Education Nested GPA Number GPA scored in the Degree
Education Nested YearsInProgram Int Year in Grad Training program, Year in training in current program.
Education Nested StartYear Int Start Year of Education
Education Nested EndYear Int End Year of Education
Education Nested FieldofStudy String Specialty Focus or Specialty Training
Employment Nested Organization String Employed Organization Name
Employment Nested Title String Employment Title
Employment Nested Summary String Employment Summary
Employment Nested IsCurrent Boolean Is current Organization
MarketDemographic Nested MaritalStatus String Marital Status of Consumer
MarketDemographic Nested IncomeBand String Income Range of Consumer
MarketDemographic Nested AgeBand String Age Categorization
MarketDemographic Nested hasChildren Boolean This attribute defines does the consumer have children
PrivacyPreferences Nested OptOut Boolean Opted Out
PrivacyPreferences Nested OptOutStartDate Date Opt Out Start Date
PrivacyPreferences Nested AllowedToContact Boolean Allowed to Contact
PrivacyPreferences Nested PhoneOptOut Boolean Opted Out for being contacted on Phone or not.
PrivacyPreferences Nested EmailOptOut Boolean Opted Out for being contacted through email or not.
PrivacyPreferences Nested FaxOptOut Boolean Opted Out for being contacted through Fax or not.
PrivacyPreferences Nested TextMessageOptOut Boolean Opted Out for being contacted through Text Message or not.
PrivacyPreferences Nested MailOptOut Boolean Opted Out for being contacted through Mail or not.
DoB Simple   Date Date of Birth
YoB Simple   Int Birth Year
BirthCity Simple   String Birth City
BirthState Simple   String Birth State
BirthCountry Simple   String Birth Country
DoD Simple   Date Date of Death
YoD Simple   Int Year of Death
PresumedDead Simple   Boolean If the individual is Presumed Dead
ImageLinks Simple   Image URL Image Links
VideoLinks Simple   URL Video Links
DocumentLinks Simple   URL Document Links
WebsiteURL Simple   URL Website URL
Description Simple   Blob Description