Get the most out of Reltio for Insurance

Learn about the benefits of having Reltio for Insurance.

High-quality data is the essential ingredient in transforming your operations and driving value for your business. It is vital to enable a seamless customer experience that accelerates growth. It is critical to driving operational excellence that improves efficiency. And, it is central to simplifying risk management and compliance that reduces your potential losses and regulatory fines.

We've focused on these three key insurance-specific use cases to drive the value of your insurance data in Reltio for Insurance:

  • Growth: Enable key customer experience processes to accelerate growth and realize these benefits:
    • Understanding your customer helps you provide better service, increase loyalty, and increase wallet share.
    • Using contextual marketing improves sales and marketing (targeting, upselling, and cross-selling).
    • Providing agents and brokers with a 360-degree view of their customers in order to identify growth opportunities.
    • Providing innovative services such as usage-based insurance or individual risk-based pricing.
  • Efficiency: Enable key optimization processes to operate more efficiently and effectively and obtain these outcomes:
    • Facilitating quick quotes, underwritings, and settling claims will increase clients' satisfaction.
    • Reducing costs, increasing productivity, and making better decisions based on more accurate information.
    • Creating a paperless environment through digital self-service.
    • Offering new innovative services that engage your customers and improve customer experience.
  • Risk and Compliance: Enabling the ability to simplify risk management and compliance processes to realize the following benefits:
    • Identifying suspicious activities early, you may minimize the losses from fraudulent claims.
    • Reducing penalties by improving KYC and other regulatory compliance.
    • Reducing the frequency and severity of claims losses using sensors and external data.
    • Earning customer trust and loyalty by protecting their data, managing it according to preferences.

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