D&B Match and Append Request Data

This page lists all required fields or data of an organization that are sent to D&B for match and append.

Before sending the organizations' data for the D&B (Dun and Bradstreet) match and append process, the Reltio D&B connector retrieves organizations from the Reltio tenant that meet any of the following conditions:
  • DUNS Number is missing.

  • Vendor Verification Date is greater than the configurable time period.

Note: Set the Do Not Enrich attribute to true before submitting the batch process if you do not want an organization profile to go through the match and append process.

After extracting organizations from the Reltio tenant, the Reltio D&B connector sends the following data to D&B for match and append:

  • Tenant ID

  • Reltio URI

  • Reltio Entity Type

  • Organization Name

  • Primary Address

  • P.O. Box Number

  • Phone Number