Account 360

Account 360 is a Solution Accelerator that delivers reliable account data.

Account 360 delivers reliable account data, including Organizations' hierarchy and relationships between Organizations, Contacts and Addresses.

The Account 360 application enables Reltio customers to integrate organization data from multiple sources into a Reltio Customer Tenant, which can optionally be enriched with data from Dun and Bradstreet and integrated with Salesforce.

An Account 360 application consists of the following components:

Table 1. Account 360 Components
Account 360 Components Description
Account 360 Customer Tenant (CT)

This is a Reltio tenant that contains the customer data.

Optional integration with Dun and Bradstreet The optional integration with Dun and Bradstreet can be operated in the following modes:
  • Batch API: This process is used for large volumes of data at infrequent intervals such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually. It runs automatically. In this mode, D&B returns the single best match for an organization.

  • On Demand API: This process is used for single records that are requested in near real time via the UI by a user. D&B may return multiple matches for an organization when operated in this mode. The On Demand API requires the use of a Data Processing Tenant to hold Organization match results from match requests via the On Demand API. Match Results are stored temporarily in the Data Processing Tenant, because in On Demand mode multiple matches may be returned, but only one result will actually be merged. This prevents the CT from getting cluttered up with unmatched records and impacting the customer contractual profile entitlement.

  • DnBSource: This is a connector configuration setting that controls whether the connector enriches Organizations with data from D&B’s DI Batch APIs or On Demand APIs.

Optional integration with Salesforce

The optional integration with Salesforce is Bi-directional. The Create, Update and Delete events in Reltio can be synchronized to Salesforce and vice versa.

Note: All of the components for the Account 360 application are available free of charge.

The GDPR feature is enabled in Account 360 that helps you to use personal data in compliance with GDPR law. The EU GDPR is a law designed to enhance data protection for EU residents. The law protects the personal data of individuals residing in the European Union. In the Account 360 application, GDPR has been activated in the physical configuration of tenant. It allows you to remove some organizational and personal data after the completion of the intended task. For more information on EU GDPR, see GDPR Compliance in the Reltio Platform

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