Validation Service

Validation Service allows you to define validation rules for an entity and display customized error messages if the validation fails.

The validation code runs when the user is saving or modifying an entity. It runs after cleansing and any other LCA actions. It is for new entities, data change requests, and for both mobile and desktop clients. If the entity fails the validation tests, it is not saved. Validation Service displays field-by-field messages as well as messages that depend on more than one field. For example, if there is more than one address but only one can be primary, then Validation Service can test for multiple primary addresses and one address is, in fact, primary. If the user tries to make two addresses primary, then Validation Service displays a customized error message. An appropriate message appears in the overall messages.
Note: The validation message includes a new field, objectParentUri which is the URI of the parent attribute.
Warning: Validation Service can work with ov=true/false but it is better not to send the URIs of ov=false to user interface values because it may lead to unpredictable behavior.