Understanding the CombinedVerifyMethod Option

Learn about the CombinedVerifyMethod server option.

About the Feature

The CombinedVerifyMethods server option is enabled by default. Possible values are:

  • Yes - (default)
  • No
Note: To disable this option, contact Reltio Customer Support.

When the CombinedVerifyMethods option is enabled, the flexible spelling correction option is applied during the verification process. Enabling the flexible spelling correction option improves the following issues:

  • Unusual or ambiguous address structures - Consider the address, 60 Boulevard Saint Michel Paris France. In this example, Saint Michel is both a possible ThoroughfareName or Locality, and Paris is both a possible Locality or AdministrativeArea. Such unusual or ambiguous addresses are better handled when the flexible spelling correction option is enabled.
  • Handling of spelling errors - Consider the address, 7804 Mid City Blvd Fort Worth TX 76180 USA. The flexible spelling correction option corrects Mid City Blvd to Mid Cities Blvd.