Address Standardization

Learn about standardizing addresses to a particular format of address record.

Reltio’s cleanse functionality provides a range of configuration options to control the degree in which addresses are standardized, verified, and validated to a particular format of an address record.

For example, consider the two address records below:

  • 276 Pondella Road, N Ft Myers, FL, USA
  • 276 Pondella Rd, North Fort Myers, FL, USA

The desired effect is to have the two above addresses standardized and verified to a single record as, 276 Pondella Rd, North Fort Myers, FL, USA.

This functionality is achieved by setting the Reltio Cleanse configuration option, PreferPrimaryValidAlias.

“Fort” not standardized to “Ft” when PreferPrimaryValidAlias is not enabled

“Fort” gets standardized to “Ft” when PreferPrimaryValidAlias is enabled

Hence, if PreferPrimaryValidAlias is enabled, the two addresses below are standardized and eventually merged.

  • 276 Pondella Road, N Ft Myers, FL , USA
  • 276 Pondella Rd, North Fort Myers,FL, USA
Note: To know more about the list of sample keywords for US and Non-US addresses, refer the links below:

Enabling the PreferPrimaryValidAlias Option

The PreferPrimaryValidAlias configuration option can be enabled using server options (opts) at the L3 configuration. Following are some points on how this option works:

  • Addresses are standardized for AddressLine1, AddressLine2, and locality.
  • PreferPrimaryValidAlias is optional for tenants that are CASS enabled. By default, CASS standardizes addresses.
  • The Recleanse JOB/TASK must be executed for the existing customers after the PreferPrimaryValidAlias server option is enabled.
  • Merges or potential matches can be observed for entities during the recleanse operation. Recleansing the address using this option may change the data and result in possible new merges. This behavior is expected but should be carefully planned for.
Note: The PreferPrimaryValidAlias option is not enabled by default. Hence, as an immediate impact, location is cleansed as per the existing L3 config. To enable the PreferPrimaryValidAlias option as per your business requirements, contact Reltio’s Customer Support Team.