Reltio Analytics

Reltio Analytics is a product, licensed as an add-on to Reltio Connected Customer 360.

Reltio Analytics extends Reltio Reporting by giving you direct access to the same Google BigQuery data store used by Reltio Reporting. You require a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account in order to utilize Reltio’s managed Google BigQuery instance.
Note: Google allows you to easily establish a GCP account using your Google email address.

Once you have licensed Reltio Analytics, you will receive a link from Reltio that allows you to connect to and utilize Reltio’s managed, Google BigQuery account. Use of Google Data Studio is included with your GCP account, as is the Google BigQuery UI. But you are welcome to use other Business Intelligence (BI) tools such as Tableau, Qlikview, and so on. For more information about how to connect to the BI tools, see Reporting and Analytics.

Note: Reltio Reporting is included with the Reltio Analytics license and need not be licensed separately.


Reltio Analytics provides you with the following advantages:

  • Access to create custom queries against Reltio Connected Customer 360 data in a high-performance analytic environment using BI tools and languages of your choice.
  • Leverage the power of operational data management metrics and actionable business insights.
  • Seamless access to an integrated analytics environment with no need to continuously export, format, and maintain target and destination formats and data models.

What Data is Available?

The following data sets are available for query within the Reltio Analytics environment:

Reltio Connected Customer 360 Data

  • Entities
  • Interactions
  • Relationships

Operational Data

  • Match activity
  • Merge activity
  • Workflow activity
How is the Data Organized?

The data is organized in the following two formats:

  • Raw tables
  • Logical views
Note: Logical views reduce the complexity (cross-joining multiple tables, remembering internal table names, and so on) so that you can create simple but powerful custom queries. Reltio recommends that you create all your custom queries on top of the Logical views.

Prerequisites for Reltio Analytics

It is recommended that you complete the following free training courses:

Granting Access to Additional Users

You can grant access to additional users if you have the licensed version of Reltio Analytics and if Reltio has provisioned your own project (For example: reltio-analytics-<customername>). Perform the following steps to grant access to additional users:

  1. Navigate to the BigQuery Cloud Console.
  2. Enter the name of the tenant or dataset under Resources. The dataset appears.


  4. Add the email addresses of the individuals to whom the access must be granted. These individuals are granted the appropriate BigQuery permissions.
    Note: A detailed description of all the BigQuery roles are documented on the BigQuery UI and on the Dataset permissions page as well as shown in the image below.