Overview of Merges Tables and Views

The GBQ merge table views are mapped to the GBQ merge tables dataset and is the most current version of the merges.

Potential Merges from the MDM tenant are stored in the GBQ datastore in the Merges_source table.

The following parameters are provided in the Merges_source table:
  • matchKey: An internal identifier for a merge.
  • winnerId: ID of the winner record in the merge.
  • loserId: ID of the loser record in the merge.
  • matchRules: The match rules triggered the merge.
  • mergeRulesUris: URI of the match rule in the MDM tenant's L3 configuration.
  • timestamp: The time of the merge.
  • type: The match type. For example: AUTO, MANUAL, SPLIT.

The view_merges_source view in the view dataset retrieves the most current version of a merge.