Overview of Potential Match Tables and Views

The GBQ match table views are mapped to the GBQ match tables dataset and is the most current version of the matches.

Potential matches from the MDM tenant are stored in the GBQ datastore in the Matches_source table.

The following parameters are provided in the Matches_source table:
  • matchKey: An internal identifier for a potential match.
  • sourceId: ID of the first entity in the match records.
  • targetId: ID of the matched entity.
  • matchRules: All the match rules triggered for the match.
  • timestamp: The time the match was identified.
  • type: The match type. For example: POTENTIAL_MATCH, NOT_A_MATCH, SPLIT.
  • matchScore: The match score calculated using the ScoreStandalone and scoreIncemental elements of a match. For more information, see ScoreStandalone and scoreIncremental Elements.

The view_matches_source view in the view dataset retrieves the most current version of the match record.