Combining Reltio Connected Customer 360 Data with non-Reltio Data

You can combine Reltio connected customer 360 data with non-Reltio data.

Reltio Analytics uses long-term storage as its high performance query-able environment. Reltio maintains a connector and a provisioned long-term storage account as part of your Reltio Analytics subscription.

You can not create your own tables within Reltio Analytics. If you want to combine Reltio Analytics data with non-Reltio data, you can choose to have your own Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account with your own Google BigQuery project to host your own data and tables. To access and query both your data in conjunction with Reltio Analytics data, you have to provide your project to Reltio where you want to access the Reltio Analytics logical views.

This is a one time operation and at this time can be set up upon request by filing a support ticket.